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Drill-Free Dentistry

With the latest developments in dental technologies, we are able to provide dental care of the highest standard. Passionate about preventive dentistry we have invested in revolutionary technologies in the form of Healozone® and Aquacut® at Buckingham Dental Practice to ensure that we can help our patients keep their teeth as healthy as possible, for as long as possible, whilst they are in our care.

Healozone - the Safe, Effective and Pain-Free Treatment of Decay

Healozone is changing the face of dentistry - it is a revolutionary new technology for the safe, effective and pain free treatment of decay with ozone (also known as O3 – which is a relative of oxygen that is present normally in the atmosphere). Ozone kills the acid producing bacteria that cause decay in teeth.

The Healozone machine has a special rubber cup, which is placed on the area of decay. Ozone gas is introduced into the damaged part of the tooth under this cup. You feel absolutely nothing as we do this. It generally takes a 40 second application of ozone to kill 99% of bacteria from the damaged area of tooth. The healing part of the treatment takes place over the next few weeks, provided you clean and rinse well with fluoride to provide minerals to repair the damaged tooth. Sometimes we then seal over the top of the fissure with a white sealant or filling. Mostly we can do this treatment with no drilling at all. Sometimes, if decay has been left too long, we need to remove some of the outer enamel to make a proper job that lasts. Then we use the air abrasion technique (with Aquacut technology) which is very gentle on teeth - in fact, it is so gentle that you can cut an eggshell without cracking it!

Aquacut Air Abrasion - the Amazing Alternative to the Drill

Aquacut is a new instrument that we use as an alternative to the drill in many procedures. Air abrasion uses a microscopically fine powder which is carried to the tooth by a stream of air, gently spraying away decay. Using air abrasion technology allows our dentist to prepare many types of cavity without the need of a drill!

Using Air Abrasion offers our valued patients the following benefits:

  • No vibration
  • No heat generation
  • No whining drill noise
  • No smell
  • ...and in most cases, it removes the need for a local anaesthetic injection

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